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Fiji, Part 1

DSCN2353We arrived in Fiji to the steaming hot Nadi airport in the middle of the afternoon last Saturday. Surfers Dean Morrison and Jay Phillips joined us on the trip, as well as our friends Anthony and Courtney Marcotti (who, fun story, met at a nightclub appearance Brody did a year ago in Australia and are now married!). We have friends living on Viti Levo (the main island) who are building a spectacular luxury resort and residential development called Vunabaka on the nearby island of Mololo (more on this later), so our first few days the whole gang stayed in a home on the main island in the town of Denarau.

vunabakaDSCN2364SAM_0390Denarau is a development in which several resorts, golf courses and residential areas are located. The town also has a really cute port area and marina filled with cute shops, spas and restaurants. Each night we would get dinner in the port at either Lulu’s or Cardos — both had the most diverse and extensive menus, but Cardos had insane calamari. I’m not much of a calamari fan usually but this was so lightly battered and I think they throw some cinnamon in the mix. It was the best I’ve ever had. Lulu’s had the perfect breakfast burrito and they serve it with some sort of sweet syrup that I couldn’t get enough of.

To get to the ocean from our house each morning, we had a boat out back (above) that we’d run up a little inlet about 5 minutes. From there it was a 20 minute run out to some of the greatest surf spots in the world.

We spent time at the infamous “Cloudbreak” and at another wave, nicknamed “Restaurants.” There are several others nearby but the guys stuck to these two while the girls and I snorkeled and swam.

That was the coolest part about Restaurants, in particular: the wave breaks pretty far offshore because there’s a reef there (BTW super sketchy!), so we could be snorkeling and hanging on the boat off the side of the wave, in about 12 feet of water, while the guys surfed just feet away.

Our second day in Fiji, we were up at 6 a.m., grabbed a chicken pie from Hot Bread Kitchen for breakfast(a huge thing in Australia and Fiji is meat pie, and the chicken ones are basically pot pies.. AMAZING!), and were on the boat by 7 a.m. headed to Restaurants. After about 6 hours (and a lot of sunscreen) our friends took us to one of the coolest places I’ve ever been!

It is called Cloud 9, and it is a floating bar and restaurant in the middle of the ocean. You can only access it by boat and there is literally nothing around it for miles. The bar is fully stocked and some local men use a brick oven to make fresh pizzas. They also have day beds in the sun and shade so you can swim off the bar and then get a tan or rest.

One of the nearest islands to Cloud 9 is Mololo, where our friends are building their luxury resort, Vunabaka Island Grace. We went to check out the work that’s been done so far. OMG this place is going to be insane. You can check it out here. Island Grace should be up and running by next year and I can’t wait to stay!

Stay tuned for part two on Fiji where you’ll read about the incredible resort we discovered and stayed at for the second half of our trip to paradise, as well as all the clothing I wore on vacation!

SAM_0413cloudbreak fijiSAM_0395DSCN2350DSCN2356Vunabaka 2curryDSCN2360


  • This looks so much fun! I’m jealous, I wish I was at the beach! Instead I’m in 30 degree cold..brr!

  • Oh my gosh those pictures are amazing!! Fiji looks beautiful! Glad you’re having so much fun! 🙂

    xo, Katy

  • You have the best life ever. It’s seriously not fair, but it is fun to read about and see pictures of 🙂 Thanks for being so open and sharing so much. It creates a great fantasy for the rest of us…

    • Thank you for following the blog! It’s my job to make it look perfect all the time 🙂 I am very fortunate, but everyone has their issues, no matter how good their life looks online!

  • What a beautiful trip Kaitlynn! So jealous, Cloud 9 is spectacular! Love you blog too x

  • Looks so beautiful! Glad you’re having so much fun, enjoy! xoxo

  • That sounds and looks amazing. The picture of you girls snorkeling with the surfing so close behind is stunning! I Love reading your tips and if I ever make it to that side of the world I have ideas to support me along the way!

  • Fiji sounds like a dream. I can’t wait to finish school and start traveling to beautiful places. I’m from Boston and right now I’m only getting as far as New Hampshire, but hey nothing beats being up north and breathing in that fresh air! NH is a place that reminds you to stop and smell the roses. That’s probably why you seem so down to earth 🙂 love the blog!

  • Looks amazing!! Love your blog — just started following and looking forward to more posts! Check out my blog at! Xo

  • I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Australia & in stunning Fiji! Cloud 9 is amazing – I’m glad you loved it as much as I do! Island Grace Hotel Vunabaka sounds amazing also, I will definitely stay there when it is complete! Come back to our side of the world anytime. I’ve just come across your blog & I’m enjoying it immensely, I can’t wait to for more posts! Xo

  • Great blog Kaitlynn, you seem to be so honest and down to earth.
    Poland says Hi!

  • Beautiful!! We were in Fiji for our honeymoon 10 years ago stayed on Denarau too. Breathtaking!!! Such cute pics posted Kaitlyn! (Btw you recommended an outfit for me to wear on IG to my hubby’s firefighters holiday party from Revolve…. Got it and can’t wait to wear!!) keep up the great work with your blog girl!!!!!

  • Wow!! That island looks like a dream… Sounds like you has a blast. You two are adorably cute BTW 😉


  • Wow!! That island looks like a dream… Sounds like you has a blast. You two are adorably cute BTW 😉


  • Wow! Thanks for sharing all the details. I definitely will try those places when I finally get to experience the Fiji’s !!

  • Wow!! Fiji looks amazing, always has been on my bucket list, this just makes me want to check it out more. Is there anyway you can post more or links about Cloud 9? Definitely want to check it out 🙂

  • Sweet Kaitlynn, loved loved having you. Beautiful post… Can’t wait to read Part 2! Lots of love

    • Thank you for everything Morgen! You and your beautiful family made our time in Fiji SO special and memorable!! We can’t wait to see you guys again! xo

  • It’s such a magical place! Seen this pictures makes me want to go so bad!! Hope some day i’ll get the chance. Love the blog kaitlynn keep it up! Xoxo

  • Kaitlynn,

    I am always referring back to your page on Instagram for fashion ideas. I hope you one day have a clothing line – id def be a customer. I also now can refer to your blog for travel tips/ideas! Thanks 🙂


  • Heading to tavarua In January…..can’t wait for part 2!!!!

  • Amazing blog !! In love with your great photography and most importantly your great insight.You have this way with words which makes me as a reader want to read more .I love how you create the best with what you have been blessed with.Your extreme down to earth attitude and humbleness is evident in all of your blog entries.I just wanted to say that I am such an avid reader of this blog and hope to one day write my own.You are doing such an incredible job !!

  • Hey 🙂 I love your blog!! Fiji is on my bucket list since I can remember! If you are into other exotic travel destinations (like Galapagos islands) check out

  • What an amazing trip!! This is my new favorite blog. Must share with all my girlfriends! xxoo

  • Kaitlynn on your trip to Bora Bora you wore an amazing red bikini. Where is it from?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi! That was actually a one-piece by Agent Provocateur. I believe it was called the Lyssandra. Good luck!

  • Hi Kaitlynn,
    I know this is an older post, but I’ve been flipping through your blog and I have to compliment you on your down to earth personality. You seem so relatable and fun, I enjoy your posts and photos and your bubbly, adventurous, seize-the-day attitude. Keep doing what you’re doing! You inspire me! Hopefully once I graduate college and finish nursing clinical I’ll be able to travel to some of these remarkable places too.
    Best Wishes

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