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Coachella 2015, Part 1


Hey everyone,

I know it’s been a little while! I took a bit of a hiatus surrounding Coachella because it’s my favorite weekend of the year and I didn’t want to worry too much about posting, but I am BACK!! Even though the job of a blogger may not seem like it would demand a ton of time, posting daily honestly requires about as much time as a regular 9-5 job, so I used up some of my “vacation days.”

Anyway, I wanted to fill you all in on what I’ve been up to, because in addition to Coachella, some other really fun things have happened, making the last two weeks some of the wildest (and most bizarre) of my life!


[Olive & June]

So it all really DID start with Coachella. My sister arrived into LA on Wednesday and immediately festival beauty prep was on. I got some outer lash extensions done at Blink Bar in Santa Monica (I can’t sit still for a full eye’s worth!), a mani/pedi at my favorite nail salon in LA, Olive & June (check out the GORGEOUS nail art they created for me in the pics!!) and lots of last minute accessory shopping. I’ll break down everything I wore in a separate post with links to shop!!

Thursday evening Brody was DJing the opening of Bowlero in Mar Vista, so we actually packed everything up for the weekend and spent the evening bowling and guzzling Oreo milkshakes, before making the two hour road trip to the musical, Bohemian paradise of Indio. We were invited by RESQwater, the anti-hangover drink, to stay as guests of the estate they rent out each year for the festival. We had grand plans to get a good night’s sleep Thursday and really go all out upon waking up Friday, but naturally, the moment we got there, our friends were still up and begging us to join them in a glass of wine… which turned into an all-nighter! The boys created several “skits” for Instagram that I’m pretty sure only boys would understand, and I visited with friends I hadn’t seen in quite a while.

Funny Side Note: Two years ago, I visited the RESQwater house at Coachella with a few girlfriends. That night I rode from Neon Carnival back to the house in a car next to Brody and we chatted a little bit, then I slept in the room next door to him, but we never introduced ourselves or talked after that until we re-met and began dating 6 months later! So it was especially exciting for us to be back there together for the first time.

IMG_1274IMG_1232kaitlynn carter brody jenner coachella frankie valli 2015kaitlynn-carter-flynn-skyekaitlynn-carter-brody-jenner-201511088542_10204005407278654_1062426548887704527_nkaitlynn-carter-coachella-velvet-sphynx

Anyway, Friday was a day filled with lounging by the pool, swan riding, beer pong and laughter. The team at RESQwater thought of EVERYTHING — a chef cooked us three meals a day plus late night snacks, pitchers full of cucumber water never ran low, our individual bungalows were stocked with fresh towels and clean sheets each morning, a first aid station filled with bandages for all our new-shoe blisters, and, of course, there was plenty of RESQwater on hand.

Brody and I have both been huge fans of the DJ and producer Martin Garrix for a while, so we were excited when he showed up at the house with a mutual friend of ours. We all bonded over relationship and dating talk (he’s 18 and taken, girls!) and the guys talked a lot of music. Eventually we decided to head to the festival where we spent the warm desert night sipping cocktails in the Rose Garden and, with Martin’s help, watched Alesso perform from backstage at the Sahara tent.`

We finally slept that night and by midday Saturday were ready for the Bootsy Bellows party that Brody was scheduled to DJ at an estate up the road from Coachella. I had teamed up with Ipanema Swimwear to take over their Instagram for the day, so with the help of some new selfie sticks, my sister and I set about getting some fun shots for that. Brody’s set was successful (Katy Perry and Martin Garrix watched from pool cabanas!!) and it was fun to see his sister Kendall there (along with his step-sister Gigi and her boyfriend, Cody Simpson, who was performing after Brody). All in all a killer party! BUT it didn’t end there..


After a wardrobe change and some snacking back at the RESQ house, it was time for my favorite part of Coachella weekend… Neon Carnival! If you haven’t heard about it, Neon Carnival is a late-night adult carnival held annually on the Saturday night of Coachella’s first weekend at an airplane hangar in Thermal. It’s thrown by Bolthouse Productions (remember when Heidi Pratt worked for them on The Hills?!?) and this year Paper Magazine was the event sponsor. They have DJs performing throughout the night, all sorts of rides and, of course, plenty to eat and drink. Brody and I brought my sister, his manager, Matty, Matty’s fiance Caroline, and my two girlfriends, Liz and Kelsey with us for the night, and the group of us literally danced the entire night away, pulling friends (including Martin Garrix again!) into our dance circle as they passed by us in the crowd!! And this year, unlike the last two, the night was entirely free of dust storms. Just a perfect party on a perfect April evening 🙂


I would honestly say that Saturday, April 11 is, and probably will be, my favorite day of 2015. Once home from the party, we all took a jacuzzi (Shaun White and his girlfriend joined us) and began recounting the highlights of the night (e.g. Matty not mentioning he was terrified of heights until we were headed up on the ferris wheel and he was crouching on the floor in the middle of our cart!!). Me, Brody, Liz and Kelsey all slept snuggled together in our bed while my sister slept in the bed next to us and Matty and Caroline took a daybed in the corner of the room. What a night!!

Our last day in Indio was a simple one. Another afternoon of pool time and BBQ. Liz and I attempted to float around the pool sunbathing on an inflatable swan, and about 15 seconds into that fantasy our friend Ryan Sheckler flipped us, Bloody Mary’s and all, into the water. Someone actually caught the moment on camera (check it out in the photo below!!). We crawled into bed by 8 that night and watched a series of bizarre movies including Legally Blondes (???!), which is officially the worst spin-off I’ve ever seen, but so bad it was almost good.. haha! Anybody seen it?


In the morning, we packed up, ate some bagels and began the drive back to LA. But that was hardly the end of the craziness….

I’ll be back with part 2!!


  • We need the rest now! 🙂

  • Greetings from Ireland Kaitlynn! Love the website. I was wondering if you’re thinking of doing a section on keeping fit and exercise that keeps you in such great shape? Thanks , your Irish friend , Gill x

  • Sounds like you had the best time! Bring on part 2!

  • I really hope this story ends with you and Brody getting engaged!!

  • Are you wearing the xs in the Flynn Skye i love you top? I am deciding between xs and small.

  • Sounds like so much fun! How exciting to get to share these memories with such great friends! And to get to call so many talented and well-known people your friends in itself is exciting! Great to have you back and you look great as always 🙂

  • Hi
    I love the booties you are wearing! What brand are they? I have been looking everywhere for some and haven’t fell in love with any of them. I have some fringe booties that are jeffrey cambell but I want some more plain ones to wear all the time.

    Thank you!! I love the blog keep posting!

  • Sounds like such a fun time!!! I saw this swimsuit on your instagram….so obsessed. But yes…I have totally seen Legally Blondes! HAH. I completely agree though. So bad…but so good. 😛

    xx, Tessa

  • Hey loved the post would love to get to Coachella one day!!

    Check out my blog


  • Great recap! I love how you make the “celebrity” life a little more real.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  • Looks like a great time! I went the first weekend and it was fabulous!!!
    Xoxo~Tasha Juli

  • Way obsessed with that Eagle swimsuit!! I also discovered the Velvet Sphynx through you and your instagram, which I am just loving – love your style! Can’t wait for part II xx

  • Sounds so exciting. Can’t wait to read part 2!

  • which type of lashes did you get at the bikini bar?

    • I just got the basic lashes but had them do only the outer corners of my eyes .. I think they called it a K corner!

  • I really love this blog! you ‘re amazing and an inspiration for many girls! kisses from Argentina!!!!♥♥♥

  • Hi Kaitlynn! I stumbled upon your blog via TSC and had to stop by to say hi because I live in NH and also went to UNH. So hi from cold and cloudy wildcat territory. Looks like you are having a blast out west!

    xo Annie |

  • I love all of your outfits! xx

  • Thanks for sharing! Love the details makes me feel like I was there lol! You’re a cool confident chick Kaitlynn!

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    xx Always Em

  • It looks like you had a great month

  • Gigi is Brody’s stepsister…interesting.

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  • Sounds like a blast!

  • Hi! Love your blog! I was just wondering who makes your off white booties in that 1 pic you posted. They are really cute. Hope you have a great day.

  • Where is that amazing cat bikini from?!

    • It’s from a brand called Velvet Sphynx! They have super cute suits!!

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