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That’s What She Said: A Dream Day in LA


Back in November, I wrote a column for southern California magazine Locale called, “That’s What She Said,” and it finally comes out next month! It’s all about the perfect girls day out in L.A. For those of you who have asked me about things to do while visiting our beautiful city, or for anyone who wants to read more of my writing, you can check it out below! The article starts on page 122!!


  • Sounds like an amazing day! Super jealous that you live so close to the California surf!! You look so pretty in all these photos! I’m almost tempted to get a bob!

  • Congratulations on this article it is amazing and you look great!

    It is so refreshing to read this magazine – British magazines are full of advertisements and the same old fashion and a little beauty page and not much else if i’m honest – sad but true. Yet I was truly impressed with Locale Magazine. I really enjoyed your article it was so refreshing on how your day was told it was like you was talking to us direct (if you know what I mean?!) 🙂

    I am so expressed with Locale great articles and the photography is breath-taking.

    This has just spurred me on even more to visit LA and that of America.

    I will be bookmarking the magazine, yes even though I don’t live in LA, because it is truly different to read.

    I know this may sound cliché but I would love to spend the day with you or meet you! You seem so friendly and down to earth.

    Amy x

  • I don’t know how often you get told this {hopefully, quite often!} but you are a fantastic writer, Kaitlynn. It is something that really keeps me coming back to TWW to read your posts because they are so well-written. I read that article you wrote and it instantly teleported me there. I have lots of family in LA, so I am familiar with all of those areas, which was neat because through reading your spread, it totally “TOOK” me there. It was fun to see how the day started, and ended, with so much love!

  • Congratulations! I loved reading the article and you look gorgeous in the photos.

  • I read your article…so well written!!! I felt like I was right there with you! You really do have a great life! Although with all the projects you have on the go…you’re a hard worker too 😉

  • Fantastic article. Great job! By the way, I love the pink sweater 🙂

  • I wish I could experience SoCal like this! I lived in Cali for a year when I was 7 but it was in the ghetto of San Jose…so I live vicariously through a couple of my friends who are pursuing awesome things in LA. Loved reading this article about the perfect day in L.A. and love your blog!

  • I’m so glad the article was available online! It makes me REALLY wanna visit Cali and btw you look stunning in the shoot 🙂

  • hi kaitlynn! could you do a blog you’re full make up routine soon? You always looks absolutely stunning

  • Love this! I’m going to LA in 3 weeks and I plan on hitting up Reformation and Benefit! Thanks for sharing Kaitlynn!

  • This is amazing! So happy for you and all that you are doing.

  • Are you planning on going to coachella this year? I am from out of town and I would love your advice on what to bring (like an outfit guide)!

    • I am in the process of putting together a complete guide!! Coachella is my favorite weekend of the year!

  • Love the article…now I want to move to Cali haha. Can you please share where the pink sweater is from in the Malibu Roadhouse photo?

    • It’s from Paul & Joe US! They provided all the clothing for the shoot.

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