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#FORAYandChill aka the ultimate slumber party with Foray Collective


Well, it’s safe to say 2016 has been off to a running start! A lot of my focus has been on my start-up Foray Collective, which I’m sure you’ve all become somewhat familiar with by now (and if you haven’t, get your cavewoman a** over there and check it out)!

Not only have we been making lots of adjustments to the way Foray helps you shop (check back in 2 weeks!!), adding brands to the site like crazy (see Steve Madden, SKYE & Staghorn, Pour La Victoire, Free People) we’ve been hosting some of our favorite bloggers in Park City so we can bring fans of Foray personally-curated, shoppable content from some of the most fashionable chicks on the planet!

So let me tell you a little bit about that adventure…

It all started out at LAX, where I had to check a bag for the first time in like 2 years, and also drove myself to the airport, AND the parking garage was full, so I almost missed the flight (and I was supposed to be the organized group leader!). Luckily, all the women I was traveling with have their sh*t together and were patiently waiting at the boarding gate as I speed-walked up practically sweating beneath my wool coat and scarf. I hadn’t eaten (thinking I’d have plenty of time at the airport) so it was kind of a hectic start to the morning, but nothing could put a damper on the scenery as we flew into Salt Lake City.


The drive to our house in Park City was super quick and within an hour we were all settled into our rooms. The house, by the way, was in a neighborhood called Enclave at Sun Canyon which overlooked snowcapped mountains in the distance and was a five minute drive from downtown. The place was brand new with top of the line errryythhanngg. The Sonos system had us playing Justin Bieber on repeat throughout the entire house pretty much 24/7, and the stove was so fancy (maybe I’m getting old?!) you turned the burner on by placing your pot anywhere on the cooktop and it just knew where to get hot…

Anyway, my roomie for the trip was Sophie Elkus, who writes the blog Angel Food Style. We’re also “hiking” buddies in LA, and I put that in quotes because we really just walk up a moderate incline and chat until we’re out of breath! The other women along for the trip were Racquel Natasha, Eileen Lofgren of Child of Wild, Jill Wallace of Little Black Boots, Jessi Malay of My White T, Kelsey White of Something Beachy, Evelina, Alana Greszata and my partner in Foray, Tiana Haraguchi.

From the moment we stepped foot on the ramp at SLC until the moment we took off for LA again, it was cold. But frankly, we never felt it. As a surprise for the bloggers, we set up a huge walk-in closet full of our Foray brands, including 360 Cashmere, Unreal Fur, Saltwater Luxe and Daydreamer. The girls could go in and take whatever they wanted to wear for the day, mix and match, swap things out, and in the end they all took home what they wanted from the closet! Yes, dream world.

unspecified-1 Kaitlynn Carter

Once everyone was bundled up it was time to hit the town. Our first stop was High West Distillery for some cocktails and fondue. Buzzed and ready for some snow time (by the way, we brought along fashion photographer Derren Versoza for the wild ride), we all headed outside where most of the girls had pretty much a full blown photo shoot — my partner, Tiana, and I actually heard their laughter and screams from inside the house and found them outside with $1 bills and donuts all over the ground, completely head to toe covered in snow. A good start to the trip!

Then it was time for dinner.. after a quick change, we headed back into Park City for dinner at Riverhorse on Main. We toasted the girls and thanked them for their support of Foray, we ate WAY too much for dinner, and then we ate someone else’s desserts they had accidentally delivered to our table! Oops!

Well, the night didn’t end there. In fact, when we arrived home, we got the sound system going again and it was 90s boy band/Spice Girls dance off time! There were so many stars of that party I honestly couldn’t even say who won the dance off, but we had a TON of laughs.

unspecified-9 unspecified-10 unspecified-11 unspecified-12

Everyone was a bit slow to get up in the morning, but I am always an early bird so I went for a walk around the neighborhood and got some fresh, cool, Utah air. It was another beautiful day of blue skies. Once back at the house, I started preparing breakfast and soon, Kelsey and Tiana joined me. We whipped up cheddar scrambled eggs, gluten free pancakes, turkey bacon, a yogurt station with granola by Graze and fresh berries, as well as bagels and toast. Then it was snow tube time!!

Kaitlynn Carter Kaitlynn Carter unspecified unspecified-20

I had never been snow tubing before, so I didn’t exactly know what to expect, but it is without a doubt my new favorite winter activity! First you just chill and admire the scenery from your tube as it’s pulled up the hill, then you go soaring down and over little jumps at 35mph screaming/laughing/being terrified you won’t stop… but then you do, and you just want to get right back on and do it again! We looped our tubes together so we could get some fun photos.. the max was supposed to be 5 tubes but they let us go down with 8 at one point. It was the best time ever!

unspecified-3 unspecified-2 unspecified-4 unspecified-5 unspecified-7 unspecified-6 unspecified-8

By the time we finished tubing we were all really ready to warm up and take it easy. We’d made cocoa at the hot chocolate bar at our house and brought in along in Corkcicle canteens. These things keep your hot drinks hot for 12 hours, and I am not exaggerating it was like a magic trick. Derren opened his hot cocoa 9 hours later and it was still steaming hot! We went into Park City and had lunch of soup and sandwiches at a little bookstore called Atticus, then did some brief shopping (which included a fur “art gallery,” which, just take my word for it, you don’t want to go to).

We had planned a spa night at the house, so the team from DeLIVEred Park City came in and set up on the basement level to do massages and facials for all the girls. Needless to say, everyone was feeling pretty relaxed post-spa, so we dined on Thai takeout and screened Catch Me If You Can in the movie room/had a PJ party in our Gooseberry Intimates jammies! The perfect end to a perfect trip.

First thing in the morning we were headed back to LA, with even closer friends than before and wonderful memories of Park City!

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