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Exploring Oahu & the Pipe Masters with Billabong Womens


Last week took me to one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in my life… the north shore of Oahu! I was invited by Billabong Womens to attend the Billabong Pipe Masters and spend a few days having fun in paradise. I know, life is rough!

After checking into beautiful, oceanfront rooms at Turtle Bay Resort, we spent our first night at the Surfer Poll Awards, where our friend Koa Rothman was nominated for an award and several other friends, including Billabong Women’s Laura Enever, presented. As fun as it was, we’d had a long day of travel and I couldn’t wait to snuggle into bed and catch up on some z’s.

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I was up at 6:30 the next morning due to a bit of jet lag, but so was my photographer, Heather Hixon, so we made the most of it! I spent the sunrise wearing Billabong intimates with room service and hot chocolate, catching up on emails and admiring the view from my balcony. We walked down to the beach, and made a little feline friend along the way!

Then it was time to explore beyond the resort! We hopped in the car and made our way to Haleiwa for poke and acai bowls. Billabong’s Malia Murphey showed us the best spot on the north shore for my morning acai fix: Haleiwa Bowls. It’s the cutest little grass hut on the side of the road! As we made our way back towards Turtle Bay, we stopped at a beach with large tide pools for a dip in the warm water and saw all kinds of crabs and colorful little fish.

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That evening I hit the spa for an incredibly relaxing facial and then met up with some friends for dinner at Lei Lei’s (the one restaurant I heard time and again I absolutely had to try!). My veggies over noodles were delicious but nothing could top the warm oreo brownies with vanilla ice-cream we scarfed after dinner! Not exactly prep for bikini time, but YOLO.

Our third day in Hawaii began with a rainstorm, but it was over as quickly as it had arrived. A whole crew of friends were in town from Australia so we all met for lunch, and then it was time for a helicopter tour of the island!! We took the doors off so we could all have a better view, which made for quite a windy, cool ride but it was totally worth it! Our pilot took us over the lush valleys where Jurassic Park and Lost were filmed, as well as massive waterfalls, lagoons, wind turbines and the Billabong house. It was absolutely incredible to see how undeveloped the island is, and the views from above were awe-inspiring.

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Our fourth and final day on Oahu was a busy one! I was on the road with the Billabong Women’s surf team by 8:30 on our way to Waikiki. We arrived at the tropical, primarily pink Royal Hawaiian Hotel and had a quick surf lesson with Billabong’s Courtney Conlogue (who also happens to be a surfer on the women’s world tour, NBD!). She must’ve been darn good at teaching because within 30 minutes she was pushing me into waves and I was actually standing up! We spent about an hour or so in the water mostly getting to know each other, catching some small waves and laughing with the other Billabong girls. Such a fun crew!

Then it was off to the Billabong Pipe Masters! By the time we got back there was only about an hour of the contest left in the day, but it was fun to visit with some of the surfers and other friends who were watching from the deck of the Billabong Mens House.

We were invited to attend a farm-to-table dinner at the Billabong Womens house later that evening. It was attended by all the women I’d spent the week with, as well as Billabong CEO, Neil Fiske. Our dinner was served at a long table beneath a tent next to the beach filled with paper lanterns. The perfect end to a memorable adventure with Billabong!

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  • I love your photos! (was wondering what kind of camera you use??I also think its awesome how you can see your personality through your writing. It seems like you’ve actually held on to what makes you well; you even though your in a totally different world than where your originally from (NH).

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