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Digital Diary: bridal dress shopping for my sister

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for the frigid cold of Boston as I have been these last two days.

I guess in theory, wedding dress shopping would call for the full royal treatment. I mean, it’s what we’ve dreamed about since we were little girls (my sister and I have anyway). However, none of my wildest dreams really led me to anticipate the kind of magical experience we would have shopping for Lindsey’s big day, and it was primarily thanks to the Four Seasons Boston. They just went above and beyond to ensure that during our two days together, we had nothing to worry about but being grown-up little girls playing dress up!

This is basically the first time I’ve ever dress shopped. I went once before with a childhood friend in New Hampshire, but she chose the first dress at the only shop we went to so it was hardly a hunt.

Well, looking for wedding gowns may be my new favorite hobby! It’s like every single dress is a full new experiment and analysis, and they each have so many intricacies.. also you’re trying not to show too much what you like or don’t like because, of course, it’s all up to the bride in the end. But trust me, by the end of our two days we were all pretty vocal about what we liked or didn’t like!!

Linds really checked out an array of boutiques including Ceremony, L’Elite, BHLDN and Allegria, which was good because they each held entirely different inventory. I loved them all!

She had a pretty particular style she liked, so I photographed each dress so she could go through and review the little differences between them after leaving the salons. Also, it was nice for her to see the dresses on camera for a different perspective.

There was one in particular that really made my jaw drop, but lest her fiancé be a follower of my blog (as you better be, Brandon!), I don’t want to give away too much detail.

Another extra special thing about this trip was the holiday season. As cold as it was, there was something so romantic about all the lights on the trees, the hotel decorated for Christmas, the empty city streets but bustling restaurants, Christmas music at each bridal shop, how cozy and warm our room was to retreat to each evening. We had dinner at Grill 23 last night and the staircase was completely decked out in garland, there were wreaths and Christmas trees up, the servers were in tuxedos, every guest was dressed up from work holiday parties and downing wine to stay warm – it almost felt like a roaring 20s-themed party, except it wasn’t! It was just December in Boston. I think I’ll wait for the holidays again to shop for my dress!

In addition to our boutique visits and fancy dinners, Lindsey and I committed to making use of each room in our Presidential Suite, which the Four Seasons had so generously allocated to us for our stay. I felt like the kid in Blank Check. So we took photos on the balcony, did our makeup at the vanity, drank champagne and played piano in what I called the “formal sitting room,” ate room service breakfast in the dining room, watched movies in the media room, and, of course, slept in the fabric wallpapered bedroom. Our only regret was not enough time for a bubble bath..

Pretty friggin’ dreamy way to spend sister time in the city.


  • How fun and memorable. Such a special time in both of your lives. Mine too!

  • When will we see your wedding dress shopping experience??

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