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Digital Diary: Babes & Bubbly 2017

This past Thursday was a great reminder of just how thoughtful and generous and cool my girlfriends here in LA are and how lucky we all are to call each other friends. Some of you may know Annie Lawless from her blog, BLAWNDE. Others may recognize her as one of 2016’s Forbes 30 Under 30 list which she made by co-founding Suja Juice and selling it to Coca Cola for a cool chunk of change. Yeah, she’s pretty badass. She’s ALSO a super sweet girl’s girl and definitely the life of the party.

Annie’s fiancé owns Rancho Valencia, a luxury resort and spa just north of San Diego. She decided the best way to celebrate the start of 2017 would be with a girls slumber party/get together, so she invited me, Becca Tilley, Sophie Elkus, Sivan Ayla, Ali Grant, and Belen Mozo down for the night! I’d been to RV once before this trip and was so excited to be back. It’s pretty much a top-notch wellness retreat there. They offer yoga and fitness classes all day long, serve complimentary green juices after each, the spa is stunning, the mini-bar is stocked full of complimentary snacks and drinks that you actually want to consume, the massive bathtub and fancy bubble bath practically dare you not to use them, and the fireplace in each room provides all the comfort of a home away from home.

Sophie, Sivan and I road tripped down from LA together mid-day and arrived with just enough time to get changed before cocktails (I totally pigged out on truffle popcorn in the room as I got ready – I’m an all-day snacker. Anyone else?).

Annie and the team at RV had set up a cocktail party in the resort’s Hacienda, which is this stunningly gorgeous white stucco and brick house. You can see photos from the space below. Originally dinner was to be served poolside at the Hacienda but because of rain it was moved down to the resort’s wine cellar, so after a couple of drinks, golf carts arrived to take us over to dinner. Our entire table was decorated with mercury glass candles and pink roses. Dinner was family style and included a kale salad, salmon, and fresh out of the oven apple crisp (among other things).

But the best part of the entire evening was, of course, the company. Each of the girls has built their own, unique brand, is so encouraging of each other, happy, and genuinely supportive and interested in each other’s lives. It’s reenergizing and refreshing to spend time with people like that.

I had been feeling a cold coming on for a few days, so after dinner (and dessert), I went back to my “casita,” soaked in a nice hot bubble bath, put on my Pjs, robe and slippers and sat by the fire for a bit. I was asleep by 10 and awake again by 7. As much as I love my dogs and fiancé, it was pretty nice to wake up to a quiet room and not have to rush right out of bed to let everyone go potty.

Annie had a brunch planned for 10am, so I order an almond milk chai and some berries to my room and watched the movie American Pastoral in bed. The whole thing was as heavenly as it sounds. The only bummer was my cold was at possibly it’s worst stage – light sensitivity, minor headache, sinus pain and runny nose – did anyone else have this recently? It was kind of an unusual “cold,” if that’s even what it was. But it wasn’t bad enough to keep me from brunch!!

Brunch for me was avocado toast with poached eggs and a mimosa. Then it was time for the drive back and I swear I felt like I’d been on a several day vacation at that point! So, I’m thinking I’d like to return the favor/host my own “just because” girls night in Malibu. What do you guys think of a night under the stars where we all sleep in teepees or safari tents in the backyard? Other suggestions?


  • Can’t go wrong with tents and stars! Great writing lately Kaitlynn, keep up the good work. Love it and love you xo

  • This was such a fun night!! Love this post 🙂

  • I love the teepee/safari tent idea! It’s so necessary to have girl time like this…what about doing like a cooking class or art class or something all together, it’d be fun to learn something new all together! Thanks for all your awesome writing 🙂

  • Came on here to read your everyday beauty routine and stumbled upon this post 🙂 Love it! XO

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